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Mod Love

Ainsi font, font, font,

Les petites marionnettes.

Ainsi font, font, font

Trois petits tours et puis s’en vont.


I want modern love

with a model girl —

21st-century life

with mad cons mod world.

I want modern love with a model …

oh, oh, oh, oh.

I got modelled sex

with a manicured strip —

modus paparazzi

with my camera clip.

I want modern love with a model …

oh, oh, oh, oh.


It’s a modern day world we love

with modern day toys

and modern day drugs.

Oh, we want a modern day love, you see.

In this modern day world we dream.

Will modern day love

fit our modern day genes?

Oh, will you make modern day love with me?


I’ve got black on black

with a retro fit,

modelled all that’s gold

plus the glitter bits.

I want modern love,

With a model girl —

I’ve got bad romance with my modern toys,

A renaissance tan modern music noise

I want modern love with a model …

oh, oh, oh, oh.

"Before sunrise, everything was cool: you were my eyes - we knew no rules." Third video from School for Birds debut album, School for Birds (

I Need, the second single from School for Birds’ record due out on iTunes in mid-June. It was recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, produced by Mahuia, with mix by Scott Horscroft (Birds of Tokyo, The Presets, The Temper Trap). Karl Steven (Supergroove, Heart Attack Alley) provided a discerning ear.

The vid is by Shae Sterling (Vince Harder, Brooke Fraser, Maisey Rika).

Ten Thousand Things by School for Birds